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Game-Changers 2018 Crystal Ball Predictions: Andrew Mack

AMGlobal's Andrew Mack was a guest for the third time this year on SAP Radio. This time Mack was asked to make his tech predictions for 2018 on the weekly show, Coffee Break with Game-Changers. Hosted by Bonnie D. Graham, the show focuses on business innovators and recently has been discussing emerging technologies in 2018.

Mack focused on two innovations to look out for in 2018: Smart Cities and Agtech. Smart Cities made the list because Mack believes "cities have to do more than less," at a time when public financial resources are constrained. But he also mentioned the importance of building trust, especially with regards to data privacy, as critical in the success of Smart Cities. All this at a time when people are losing trust in public institutions throughout the world.

Andrew then spoke about the explosive growth in Agtech during 2017, which he believes will continue into 2018. Disrupting agriculture and ensuring more food makes it to market is critical for reducing food loss globally. This is why Mack and the AMGlobal team has been busy launching an app-enabled solution called Agromovil. Listen to Andrew's predictions from 4:48-7:03.

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