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How to tackle one of world's sustainability biggest challenges?

Across the developing world over 30% of harvested crops never make it to market. The weak link is logistics: the lack of quality, just-in-time transport to bring produce from rural farmers to urban consumers. 


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How to engage the Global South and encourage more participation in gTLD rounds?

While many global north companies and organizations applied for new Top Level Domains (gTLDs) during the 2016 round, there were very few applications from developing countries. The ICANN community wanted to understand this phenomenon.


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How to gain visibility in a new market and show long-term support for core customers?

For LION Apparel, the world’s largest provider of personal protective gear for firefighters, AMGlobal built a partnership with NGOs and the Mexican

Fire Chief Association.


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How to deepen connection with consumers and employees while growing sales?


For Peruvian food distributor Comercia, AMGlobal led employee dialogues + designed an innovative CSR program on family nutrition.


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How to address a risk too complex and expensive to be tackled by one firm alone?

AMGlobal worked with Chevron to create a Road Safety partnership model to provide broad, long-term impact.


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How to design, build and launch a big new idea in a diverse international community?

For The Public Interest Registry (operators of .org), AMGlobal developed a global outreach strategy and launch program for .ngo – a new online community for non-profits.


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