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Around the world Chevron was increasingly troubled by the toll of road traffic accidents, a problem creating risk for employees, customers and communities – while also disrupting operations and increasing costs in key markets like Nigeria. Still, the issue was too expensive and complicated for Chevron to tackle alone.

* 53,339 road

related fatalities in Nigeria,

according to WHO


AMGlobal realized that success hinged on creating a dynamic coalition of government, donor and private sector actors—a complex arrangement that had to surmount significant political and logistical hurdles. AMGlobal designed and built this public-private partnership, then facilitated the coalition’s critical meetings. The result: A sustainable program that has saved lives, and a model that has since been adopted in countries across Africa and beyond.

  • Convened and facilitated meetings between the World Bank, Nigerian government officials, and major domestic and international corporations

  • Designed the project and partnership including the set up of an NGO to take corporate contributions and a joint work program with government

  • Identified and mobilized millions of dollars in cofinancing creating a sustainable, long-term funding stream to support the partnership’s work

  • Established and mentored a local project implementation team, helping them with project launch, partner development and communications strategy


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