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Facing increasing competition and looking for ways to grow following a management change, Peruvian consumer goods company Comercia wanted a new approach. They needed to engage consumers, build visibility, and deepen relations with employees - while keeping true to the company’s strong social values.

* Child Malnutrition in children under 5 was 23.8% in 2009


AMGlobal suggested a novel approach for Comercia—building a program around their products and their sales force. After extensive employee consultations, AMGlobal proposed and designed a nutrition education program highlighting Comercia’s high-protein fish “anchoveta”. A joint AMGlobal-Comercia team conducted community nutrition education sessions in more than a dozen communities across Lima, reaching hundreds, building partnerships and increasing sales.

  • Conducted company-wide diagnostics and meetings , to identify strengths, goals, constraints and outreach priorities of employees

  • Designed a comprehensive community service program based on employee feedback and company goals, highlighting the firm’s products and sales teams

  • Initiated and structured partnerships twith high-profile local organizations that increased the program’s credibility, visibility, sustainability and impact

  • Secured national and international media coverage, including a multi-page article in PODER magazine, one of Latin America’s most influential economics monthly


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