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Across the developing world over 30% of harvested crops never make it to market. The weak link is logistics: the lack of quality, just-in-time transport to bring produce from rural farmers to urban consumers. Could we make the system more efficient, greener and more profitable for everyone involved?

*$150B worth of food produced is lost post-harvest in the Global South every year


To address the issue AMGlobal created Agromovil, a simple-to-use, app-based platform combining three proven technologies – ridesharing, mobile banking, and microinsurance – to get more produce to market sooner. The platform will also capture data, around mobility: the kind and quality of vehicles used, infrastructure and other challenges faced by transporters. With support from the Toyota Mobility Foundation, the AMG team is helping producers, transporters and policymakers chart the future of transport in agriculture. 

  • Designed a “killer-app” ecosystem to address the needs of the small and the transporters serving them, winning endorsements from the World Bank, Lloyds of London and other firms and donors.

  • Mobilized funding and created visibility including grants and major speaking opportunities with the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs and the Corporate Council on Africa.

  • Developed a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, to build the beta version of the technology, attracting the participation of a team of 7 students and professors working on app development.

  • Conducted an in-depth two month Market Survey and established a local project implementation team, as part of app design and to prep for market testing in the avocado sector in Colombia


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