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While many global north companies and organizations applied for new Top Level Domains (gTLDs) during the 2016 round, there were very few applications from developing countries. The ICANN community wanted to understand this phenomenon – why potential applicants decided not to participate, and what might be done to spur participation in future.

*Of the more than 1900 new
applied for as part of the last round, only 17 were African


AMGlobal identified sample cohort companies and organizations from the Global South similar to applicants from the OECD, then reached out to them to get their feedback as industry leaders representing diverse countries and sectors. The goal was to understand the decision-making process in a very direct way, building data and context.

  • Designed Global Survey in conjunction with an international review team from the AMGlobal network that framed questions specifically for a Global South audience.


  • Reached Out to Global South Stakeholders in language and throughout a diverse set of countries and sectors in 17 markets across the world.


  • Designed Concrete Recommendations, based on survey responses and data analytics to be used by ICANN in their approach to future new gTLD rounds.


  • Presenting the Findings in 5 different presentation to a broad audience of internet policy leader at the 2016 ICANN Hyderabad meeting.

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