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AMGlobal works on a wide variety of projects around the world, with special expertise in the following core areas:


  • Market + Competitor Analysis
  • New Markets Startegy + Influence Mapping
  • Multilingual Client Representation + Outreach
  • Product Localization and Training Development

To unlock the right markets, you need the right set of keys. With decades of experience and a deep global network, AMGlobal helps clients reach new audiences, gain new partners, and find hidden resources and co-financing in new markets.


  • Partnership Structuring + Design
  • Team Building + Multi-Party Facilitation
  • Partner Identification + Recruitment
  • Mobilization of Significant Cofinancing

Social issues are where business and community interests converge—and where smart companies can have tremendous positive impact. AMGlobal is internationally recognized for its innovative social engagement strategies that benefit both, firm and community.


  • Innovative CSR Program Design
  • Risk Analysis + CSR Asset Evaluation
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Employee Engagement

The right partnership can take your company to the next level. With expert analysis and skilled facilitation, AMGlobal designs collaborations that allow clients to reach new markets, enhance their brands, and address their serious business problems.


  • Communications Planning + Multilingual Messaging
  • Social Media Program Design
  • Multi-Party, Multi-Sector Meeting Facilitation
  • Collateral Design + Training

When you need the right words to reach the right people, AMGlobal can help your message cut through the clutter. Working in multiple countries and multiple languages, AMGlobal specializes in innovative and culturally relevant communications.

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