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LION Apparel, the world’s largest maker of firefighting gear had over 10,000 retired (but still state of the art) fire suits without a home – literally sitting in storage. At the same time, the company wished to enter new markets, doing so in a way that fit its strong social values and commitment to the firefighting community.

* Less than 20,000 uniformed firefighters in Mexico - a country of over 120 million people


LION had two traditional options: dispose of the retired gear or donate it all. AMGlobal designed a sustainable third approach no one had considered – building partnerships with Rotary, NGOs and the Mexican Fire Chief Association, AMG helped LION provide the used suits at low cost to over 10% of Mexico’s uniformed firefighters and LION was able to profitably enter an important growth market. The solution is now a part of LION’s “5-50 program”, supporting firefighters around the world.

  • Designed a project leveraging underutilized assets creating value and visibility for the client at limited cost

  • Created and managed partnerships with key local actors with in-language collateral and representation to create sales and distribution channels

  • Built a corporate social identity to help unlock new markets through LION’s 5-50 program to assist 50,000 firefighters in need

  • Implemented an initiative that was actually cash flow positive, helping firefighters in need while covering all the costs of the initiative


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