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New Markets, New Technologies, New Approaches

For nearly 18 years, AMGlobal has built a reputation for unlocking opportunities for high profile clients from around the world
Working in 4 languages on dozens of projects in more than 40 countries
Opening new markets, developing sales and creating extraordinary visibility
Leveraging millions in partnership funding to help clients expand market presence and achieve sustainable social goals
Building creative models of impact, like coalitions to support Road Safety, NGO trade groupings in the Emergency Services sector to connect major manufacturers in the US and Europe with growing, underserved markets in the global south, microfranchises to address global youth unemployment
Pioneering new technologies – new Internet domains, environmentally friendly treatment for medical and laboratory waste, technologies to connect small farmers with large supply chains around the world... all aimed at increasing sustainable growth and impact


Andrew Mack

Andrew Mack is Principal and Founder of AMGlobal Consulting, a specialized Washington, DC-based consulting firm that helps companies do more and better business in Emerging Markets.  A former World Bank Task Team Leader and finance professional with experience in more than 80 countries, Mack is internationally-recognized for his work on Public-Private Partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility, technology policy and economic development issues.Mr. Mack founded AMGlobal in 2005 with the goal of helping bring together leaders – from major companies and governments to donors, foundations and NGOs – to address today’s toughest development challenges in a sustainable, creative, business-oriented way... Read More

Wayne Lifshitz
Strategic Advisor, New Ventures
Evan Roe
Strategic Advisor, Asia Pacific
Flora Bracco
Strategic Advisor, Brazil
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