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Andrew Mack Engages Brazilian Tech Leaders at RioInfo & FutureNet

End of September and Early October has been a busy time for AMGlobal and it's Founder/Principal Andrew Mack. Mack was invited to speak remotely to technology leaders at the RioInfo and FutureNet conferences in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (respectively), along with Daniel Fink (ICANN Regional Leader) and Nivaldo Cleto (Brazil Business Constituency Member).

The conferences, brought together a diverse group of local tech companies, start-ups, ISPs and others, to discuss the future of the internet in Brazil. In his presentations (delivered in Portuguese), Mack discussed the importance of the private sector in the ICANN ecosystem, reminding the audience that, "ICANN has been a dynamic partnership between the private sector, government, and other stakeholders since the beginning."

Touching on a variety of topical issues, from data protection and new gTLDs to the Internet of Things, Mack stressed the importance of having more private sector voices from the Global South in the discussion as policy is made. “The private sector has a unique view of new technologies”, he said, “After all, we are developing them. We in the private sector — and you as private sector technology leaders in Brazil — have the opportunity to shape the future. Let’s take advantage of that opportunity."

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