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Andrew Mack at the Concordia Annual Summit and UN

On September 18, AMG’s Andrew Mack joined over 2,000 influencers, and decision makers from government, Fortune 500 companies, and international organizations attending the Concordia Annual Summit in New York City during UN General Assembly week. As part of the event, Diplomatic Courier put out a special issue on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that was widely discussed by Summit attendees — and Mack’s piece on the SDGs was the cover article.

An expert on — and passionate believer — in the transformative power of partnerships, Andrew Mack was also invited to participate in a small group panel the following day at the United Nations. There he joined a small group of senior leaders from like Pepsi, MasterCard, Hilton, Mars, and others discussing “shared value” and the ways in which business can work more effectively to promote sustainable change and growth. In the meeting moderated by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Mack elaborated on the need to move beyond the traditional focus on large projects and large organizations and opportunity that could come from partnership with smaller, more grass-roots, and more global south focused actors.

In his closing remarks Mack offered a prediction and a challenge to the leaders in the room. “Over the next 5 years we’re going to see a revolution in how we view reputation, seeing it as a new class of assets to be built and managed for the long term," Mack said. “Smart firms will invest for the long term to build and manage reputational assets as assets. By choosing central themes that make sense for the organization — not doing a little bit of everything — firms will be able to create true, durable social brands with real, long term, bottom line value, attracting new employees as well as customers, and enabling companies to have real, sustained impact.

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