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World Reconstruction Conference 3: Promoting Resilience

Organized by the World Bank Group, the European Commission, and the UN, the World Reconstruction Conference (WRC) is one of the premier global disaster risk management and emergency services conferences, bringing together over delegates from around the world.

Working with AMGlobal client LION Apparel, the world's largest manufacturer of firefighting suits, AMG designed a panel at the conference which included representatives from the World Bank, the Chilean as well as French civil protection services, and LION CEO, Steve Schwartz. Schwartz emphasized the importance of preparing for and responding to everyday disasters, not just large catastrophic events.

As part of the panel, the World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) announced the inauguration of a partnership, brokered by AMGlobal, with private sector participation led by LION Apparel. The partnership will work globally to collect data on civil protection and emergency response models and capabilities in different nations, helping collect the data to “make the business case” for greater investment in resilience.

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