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Andrew Mack Talks on Tech Policy in Agriculture at the Corporate Council on Africa

AMGlobal's Andrew Mack presented at the biannual US-Africa Business Summit at the Corporate Council on Africa, a trade association focused on increasing commerce and investment between the United States and Africa. The summit included participation from dozens of nations and two Heads of State among hundreds of delegates. Mack’s presentation came as part of a panel on the future of agribusiness on the continent, which included speakers from the World Bank, Dupont and African agriculture experts.

The key, Mack noted, was to create new policies to help promote – not tax or stifle – use of new technology tools, and deal with trends in areas like the Internet of Things (IOT), mobile banking, cloud computing, drones, and cybersecurity that will dramatically effect the future of agriculture on the continent. “Africa faces unique challenges but also huge opportunities when it comes to agtech,” Mack said. "The lack of legacy regulation gives Africa the chance to take a fresh look — and benefit substantially — if countries can develop smart (preferably regional) approaches to new technology in the ag space."

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