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Agromovil: Creating a Better Farm-to-Market Ecosystem for Small-scale Agriculture

Food is the Problem – and the Opportunity

Across the developing world some 30-50% of harvested crops never make it to consumers. Food is lost, it rots, is eaten by pests, or never picked up, but the hard work of agriculture has been done. The weak link is logistics: getting goods from small rural farmers to urban markets.

The world’s 500 million small farmers produce about $500 billion in crops every year, but more than a third – an estimated $150 Billion – is wasted.

With global population set to surpass 9 billion by 2050, we will need to do better… And we can do better, through Agromovil, an integrated farm-to- market ecosystem designed to unlock billions in value.

To unlock this market, AMGlobal is piloting Agromovil – a simple-to-use, app-based platform that combines three proven technologies – ridesharing, mobile banking, and microinsurance – to help get more produce to market sooner.

Working in collaboration with mobile network operators, financial institutions, transport unions, and co-ops – as well as small farmers themselves – Agromovil is designed to create a dramatically more efficient marketplace.

We can capture significant lost value for small farmers and other partners, bringing more food to the tables of a growing, hungry world.

Learn more at and check out Andrew Mack's blog post on Agromovil's Story. Help Agromovil grow by following the team on twitter!

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