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5th Annual Brigadoon Conference: Snow, Ski, and Solutions

Sundance might be better known for its famous film festival, but from February 26-28, it was also a hub of solutions thinking as the site of the 5th annual Brigadoon conference. Brigadoon, a leadership retreat “where entrepreneurs and thought leaders gather," brought together investors, tech experts, diplomats and industry leaders to talk about some of the biggest issues facing our world – from the future of the internet and the potential impact of autonomous cars to ways of addressing financial inclusion and fake news.

As part of the conference, Andrew Mack joined Jonathan Zuck, the Executive Director of the Association for Competitive Technology – and the new ED of Innovator’s Network – leading a session entitled “Global Unemployment: The Climate Change that Can’t be Denied”. The discussion explored the challenges of the next economy – automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and demographics, emphasizing the need for new business models like microfranchising and scalable entrepreneurship training. “Long before rising sea levels put Manhattan under water,” Mack noted, “We will be facing a wave of new job seekers who will need meaningful work to do. Entrepreneurs in the Global North have an interest in solving this problem and we have the tools as well as the networks to help create a new model that could bring entrepreneurs from the North and South together for everyone’s benefit.”

AMGlobal is proud to be a new member of the Innovators’ Network

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