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.CLUB domain in Colombia

In February 2016, AMGlobal’s Andrés Varona was once again in Colombia working on issues related to the Internet and the use of generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD). As part of our work with our clients, .CLUB Domains LLC, we traveled to Colombia in order to bring greater awareness around the launch of new and practical .club domain extension.

This particular domain has gained incredible traction given the high relevance of the term “club” in most languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese-speaking markets. Since late 2014, the .club extension has taken the Chinese, European, and U.S markets by a storm. Currently, .CLUB leads every other new gTLD in terms of sales via GoDaddy, the most popular domain purchasing platform. Not to mention, that since their inception they have sold more than 700,000 domain names, while generating more than $3.4 million in just premium names alone.

While some of the success of .CLUB has been attributed to its ability to be receptive to a diverse set of markets, most of its success can be linked to the ability to foster local partnerships, especially in key markets of the Global South as is Colombia. Through our work with .CLUB in Colombia, we facilitated meetings and conversation with the leading domain registrars and resellers in the country in order to establish a sound and robust local sales channel. We also met with Colombia’s top-tier social clubs (e.g. country clubs, soccer clubs, nightclubs) to bring them on as pioneers of the .club brand. In addition, we also provided our multilingual expertise to translate .club collateral to make it more receptive in various languages and audiences. These are just some of the areas where AMGlobal’s extensive experience and network has been crucial. While successful in Colombia, this is just the beginning of the .CLUB expansion into emerging countries. In the coming months, AMGlobal looks forward to working alongside .CLUB to make it the most of attractive and competitive internet domain across the Global South.

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