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2015 Africa NDS Forum: AMGlobal visiting Nairobi

In July, AMGlobal’s Andrew Mack spoke at the Africa DNS Forum in Nairobi. The well-attended 3-day event (July 6-8) brought together many of the continent’s Internet leaders to examine changes in the online landscape — including the introduction of new top-level domains. In his Day 1 panel titled “The new gTLDS: Opportunities for African Resellers”, Mack highlighted .ngo as a case study as an example of how new domains can be both good business for the African tech sector and real contributors to Africa’s development. Mack also led a Day 2 on Marketing Strategies, where he led a lively discussion on the steps African policymakers and companies can take through better policy coordination and the promotion of the DNS business to get more Africans making money off the web. His presentation and the conference were written up in the October-December edition of DNS Africa magazine.

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