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LION & IFRM helping first responders in Peru

Training + Logistics + Donations

LION works with communities in Peru through its partnership with the International Fire Relief Mission (IFRM). LION helps IFRM to identify, rehabilitate and transport used gear, which is provided free of charge and with training through IFRM to fire departments in the greatest need.

On January 2016, Lion Group, supported by AMGlobal’s Luis Artieda, accompanied IFRM on a mission to Peruvian cities Lima and Chincha. During their visit, AMG and Lion staff met with officials of the Peruvian National Leadership (Comandancia General de Bomberos Voluntarios del Peru) as well as leaders in the Peruvian first responder community.

In Ica, the joint LION/AMG/IFRM team held donation and training programs for 8 fire stations in the region, highlighting the use of modern Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including equipment for combating structural and wild fires.

These field encounters enable LION to communicate its 5/50 mission and gain a true first-hand understanding about the needs of departments and communities as they prepare for fires and natural disasters, such as the devastating climatic effects of the El Niño phenomenon.

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