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AMG & Ongood in Colombia

November 10-14, Andrew Mack and Andres Varona held meetings with NGO leaders, domain resellers, and other groups working with the Colombian non-profit community in Bogota and Medellin. Building off of their highly successful May visit for the launch of .ngo and .ong, the two Andy’s focused in this visit on helping develop the reseller and affiliate relationships that will help get the new domains in the hands of NGOs that need them, building the “channel” to promote and sell .ngo. In addition to discussions with various resellers, the AMG team held excellent meetings with AFCOL (funders group), RedeAmericas (a regional grouping of big corporate foundations), Innpactia, and NGO associations. “Our hope,” said Varona, “is that .ngo/.ong can be a real game-changer in my home country of Colombia. Everything we’ve seen shows that there’s a lot of interest. Our goal is to get the word out and support Colombian NGOs with .ngo.”

caption: Andres Varona discusses .ngo with Francisco Javier Caetano Arango, the head of the Federation Anioquena de ONG

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