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Spreading the Ongood message: AMG in Colombia

From May 7 to the 16, AMGlobal Consulting was in the ground in Colombia conducting a series of events with high-profile NGO leaders from across the country. The objective of these meetings was to inform Colombia’s NGO sector about the worldwide launch of OnGood, an online platform with a diverse array of visibility, validation, and fundraising tools specifically designed with the needs of the global NGO community in mind.

During our time in Colombia, we hosted, participated and presented in multiple events in the three most important urban markets in the country: Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. In Bogotá, for example, we coordinated the OnGood global launch event with our partners at the Confederation Colombiana de ONG (CCONG), the national NGO confederation in charge of bringing together the most prominent civil society organizations in the country.

We also had the opportunity to lead several NGO meetings with provincial NGO leaders, form alliances with NGO associations, as well as sign Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with our key local partners. As part of these efforts, we were also able to promote the OnGood platform via various national mediums, including two radio shows and multiple television and news appearances. All in all, it was an incredible opportunity to engage with stakeholders in the Colombian NGO community as well as expand AMGlobal’s network throughout this exciting and vibrant market.

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