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Vamos .Club!

AMGlobal is pleased to announce our newest client, .Club. AMG will be partnering with the exciting new domain as they expand their global presence to key markets across Latin America!

Why are we so enthused? Well, let’s start with the fact that we’re all club members. Sports clubs, animal lovers clubs, foodie clubs, fan clubs, you name it – we all have a passion, and who doesn’t want to join with their friends to form a club? Add to this the fact that club (or clube in Portuguese) has resonance across the region – from fútbol to salsa, to yachting – and you have a great, and fun new market.

Ranking consistently among the top of the new gTLDs, .Club has already had some organic growth in Latin America. With AMGlobal’s new gTLD experience and expertise in Latin America, we look forward to building even more success. Vamos .CLUB!

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