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Beyond the World Cup: how Soccer for Entrepreneurship can Promote Long-Term Jobs in Emerging Markets

The eyes of the world turn towards Brazil this week, as the soccer-mad country hosts the FIFA World Cup for the second time in its history. But what should be a triumphant moment for the country has been marred by corruption allegations, public protests, and worker strikes.

Much of this stems from the perception that the World Cup investments aren’t being directed in a way that will result in long-term national development. Expectations have been high; the country’s official World Cup website declares that the games will result in “a relevant legacy in infrastructure, creation of jobs, income, and promotion of the country’s image on a global scale.” Hosting the Cup, in other words, is expected to be a “game changer”.

But while the event’s true legacy is now very much up for debate, there’s almost no question that, at least when it comes to job creation, the “World Cup effect” will be fleeting.

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