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We're always busy at AMGlobal. Check out these recent updates.

Andrew Mack Serves as Partnership Mentor for Facebook and Johnsons & Johnson

March 08, 2018

In March, Andrew Mack served as a Partnership Mentor for Facebook and Johnson & Johnson as part of the Department of State’s Boldline Accelerator. The event was a run-up to the Department of State's Global Partnerships Week. 

The Boldline Accelerator was launched by the U.S. Department of State to accelerate public private partnerships. It address global challenges and focuses on tools to scale partnerships. Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and many others are partners of this initiative. 

AMGlobal's First Podcast: Andrew Mack Discusses Field Testing of Agromovil in Rural Colombia

March 08, 2018

From February 1-10, the AMGlobal Team, along with the Toyota Mobility Foundation’s Dr. William Chernicoff, headed to rural Colombia to demo the app's core functionalities to producer associations/cooperatives, transporters, processors/exporters, banks, and government. The feedback was amazing!

2018 Has a Great Start- Andrew Mack Faciliates the mPowering Coalition

March 08, 2018

The First Quarter of 2018 has been a busy and fruitful month for AMGlobal. The year started off great with Andrew Mack facilitating the mPowering Coalition in January. 


The multi-year coalition includes USAID, the UN Foundation, UNICEF, Accenture, and many other members. It aims to support frontline health works around the world by connecting them to high quality training, decision-support, and health information, by harnessing the power of collaboration and mobile technologies. 

Andrew Mack Engages Brazilian Tech Leaders at RioInfo & FutureNet
Andrew Mack joined over 2,000 influencers and decision makers attending the Concordia Annual Summit. 
Andrew Mack: The Solution for the Sustainable Development Goals Is in Front of Us
Raza Khan: An App, Avocados, and the Future of Ag
Agromovil Selected by Carnegie Mellon University for MVP Development By Student Team
Proud to Announce Support from the Toyota Mobility Foundation!
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