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Pivot 2017: International Development is Changing.  Are You Ready?

Launched in January of 2017 as a joint initiative of AMGlobal Consulting, Bold Social Ventures, and BroderickHaight Consulting, Pivot 2017 is a collaboration of development experts aimed at helping global development organizations and contractors adapt to today’s fast-changing environment.

Pivot helps organizations navigate a changing aid landscape - understanding shifts around them, leveraging their assets, and mitigating risks + designing responses that position them for success and was built on four components:

I. Getting Oriented- Baseline Assessment that creates a data-driven foundation for prioritization, decision-making, action.

II. Getting Together- Internal and External Dialogue Tools to allow organizations to share insights, compare perspectives, and build consensus + support for joint action.

III. Getting Ready- Communication Tools to help mobilize people, partners, and unlock the resources to implement them.

IV. Getting it Done- Expert Implementation Teaming enabling organizations to manage risks, address complex strategic shifts, build partnerships, raise funds, improve operations, and sharpen their message to inspire audiences old and new.

The three firms bring together complementary expertise, state of the art tools + methods, decades of global experience, and multi-sector experience – and share a common vision: to help organizations achieve impact, and thrive.

Learn more about Pivot on the website.

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