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Global Partnerships Week- GPW 2017

What makes a successful partnership between government and the private sector? What are the best pitches government can make to potential partners?

At the head of an all-star panel of partnership experts from the State Department, the UN, and the private sector, AMGlobal’s Andrew Mack led a conversation on the March 6th kickoff of the State Department’s Global Partnership week. The event, sponsored by Concordia, Devex, and many others, brought together a variety of well-known partnership experts from around the world and was held at the US Institute of Peace.

Mack’s energetic session, titled “Government Partnering Pitch for the Sustainable Development Goals” explored the different ways government can pitch itself as – and be – a more effective partner. Panelists commented on building government’s convening power and the need to bring partners together early in the partnership building process to create fewer “pitches” and to jointly build mutually beneficial initiatives. A key issue underlying much of the discussion was the issue of trust, a cornerstone of partnership building work. “We are entering the next economy, a trust economy, where trust is the currency for sustainable business and sustainable partnerships,” Mack said, “ We need to enhance our trust-building skills”.

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