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Xingu National Park: Lion's Apparel work in Brazil

In October 2015, AMGlobal’s Flora Bracco represented LION Apparel, the largest provider of fire fighters personal protective equipment in the world, at the training of volunteer fire brigades in the Brazilian Amazon’s remote Xingu Indigenous Park. The event, hosted by Brazilian environmental NGO Aliança da Terra, had an excellent turnout with over 40 representatives from 12 of Xingu’s indigenous tribes. In addition to the local community, the event counted with the support of the broader national and international communities, including Swiss-Brazilian environmentalist Gérard Moss, Canadian eco-adventure TV series hosts Alex and Tyler Mifflin, and of course, the United States Forest Service-trained Aliança instructors who wore LION wild land gear which was donated to support the mission. The event was spotlighted by the global news agency Thomson Reuters where articles about the effort appeared in leading news outlets in Brazil, the United States and Europe.

Flora has been working with LION and Aliança da Terra since mid-2014, helping to establish a business + CSR partnership between the two organizations. From the beginning, sustainability has been incorporated in every aspect of the project, from LION’s long-term approach to supporting firefighters — through their global 5/50 program, designed with help from AMGlobal — to joint work on the design of suits to address the specific needs of firefighters in the Amazon.

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